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Good Luck and Good Fortune Await - Jupiter & Venus Turns Direct

On November 18, the two planets that represent good fortune, money and happiness -- Jupiter followed by Venus -- turn direct and the lessons that they have been trying to teach us in their retrograde periods of introspection are now ours to put into practice!
Jupiter turned retrograde in Aries on July 23 and moved into Pisces during its retrograde motion. It now turns direct in Pisces and will stay there until January 2011. This is, however, the last time until 2021 that Jupiter will be in Pisces, and there are significant lessons that this transit holds for us. When Jupiter is direct, the energy of the cosmos calls for renewed enthusiasm, and the time is ideal to put in a stronger sense of meaning and purpose in life and move onward with a revived sense of direction and sparkle. Jupiter gives us momentum to accomplish our goals and favors idealism, good luck, and financial success!

With Jupiter retrograde in Pisces, many of us may have been questioning our real values and priorities in life and what it is that is really important for us in life that we must gain or accomplish! Now that Jupiter turns direct, we have a chance to put into practice our new goals and philosophy of life. With Jupiter direct, there'll be more opportunities for outer expansion -- at work and with money. Good fortune should not be so hard to find and optimism should soar.

With Venus retrograde in Libra, the sign of one-to-one relationships, many of us may have felt a sense of failure in being unable to attain the kind of intimate emotional connection we are ideally seeking with a significant other in our lives -- regardless of the nature of the relationship -- other than this relationship is very central to our lives. This has been a period of introspection. But now the universe urges us to step out -- softer, wiser, more heart-centered and better equipped to fully embrace what life and relationships have to offer. This is a time to value your partners and romance will burn ever more brightly!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If You Think It…

“If you build it, they will come.” Little did I know back in the 80’s when I watched that film how relevant the phrase would be in my professional career. The concept of “manifestation” is becoming a conversational norm with entrepreneurs thanks to books and films like The Secret and What The Bleep Do We Know as well as iconic motivators like Tony Robbins. So what does this all mean? How do we manifest our wildest dreams?

The key message in quantum physics is this: thoughts materialize into reality. Now as a right-brain creative thinker, normally anything in the left-brain department leaves me a bit frazzled. But this concept has allowed me to achieve things in my life that had once seemed to be utterly impossible. So what is the key to all this? The idea is that anything we think and focus on has the possibility to become real. But if that’s the case wouldn’t we all be rich, healthy and in love?

The truth is, everyone has the ability to be a creator – we are all doing it every minute of every day. What happens is that most people are stuck in their habitual thought process, having the same thoughts over and over. It’s all about how each individual defines themselves in their mind – be it positive or negative, our convictions will manifest our reality.

Doubt is the decision NOT to participate! That is my daily mantra. Every day I am faced with situations and challenges that push me into the fear and doubt of not becoming a success and every time I make a conscious decision on how I’m going to take control over my destiny. How do I do this? Well truthfully, the more I see the results, the more I believe in my ability to live like a creator. I’ve been in situations where there was no possible way I was going to get what I wanted, where everyone around me was telling me to give up, but in the end I always prevail.

We will always be faced with two options in any challenge. The first one is to act from a doubtful perspective: “It wasn’t meant to be,” “I tried,” “I’m not sure,” “I can’t” etc. These thought patterns are challenges from our alter ego and can essentially lead to failure. The second option, with a strong foundation of belief, will attract the results that everyone dreams about. It’s participating in the Law of Attraction and changing your mental state. Basically it means, act the roll and that reality will reveal itself.

For some people this gift is very easy. We can see it in people like Donald Trump – he’s been bankrupt so many times over and still manages to be a BILLIONAIRE!! For some people it takes a lifetime just to get to a million! So how does he do that? Well, no matter what his situation is in life, in his mind he is always a billionaire and because of that money is just magnetically drawn to him.

We can all be like “The Donald, not only with money but in our personal lives as well. Just take a minute to digest this concept; all it takes is a thought, one thought, and a whole life can change. Whichever path we choose will ultimately be the path that manifests. My choice is to go forth without a doubt, and to believe that the world is indeed at my fingertips and true abundance is how I create it to be.

Sari Gabbay is the Founder of U2R1 Media Inc. a multi media & marketing boutique corporation. The focus of the company is to bring dreams into reality by transforming people’s businesses into successes. To find out more about U2R1 Media please visit

What Would You Do…

At the end of this blog post is a question – one you’ve been needing to ask yourself for years….

"You’re just a puppet of your new man.”

“You’re so insecure. All these changes are because you’re unhappy and need to cover it up.”

“Mom’s shouldn’t act or look that way…”

Would you believe it if I told you that these are remarks from FRIENDS of mine that have either been messaged to me directly or posted on some form of social media website over the past two months?

But far from deflating the winds from my sail, all I have taken from this sporadic onslaught of criticism is validation for what I’ve long believed… and was 100% true about myself not more than 12 months ago:

Women, Mom’s especially, live in shells.

We want so badly to do and be more, but we feel incapacitated by circumstance – so we simply resign and stay where we are.
And that makes it both convenient and easy to lash out at those of us who opt to swim against the current.
I got my first tattoo when I was 19 years old and have longed for more ever since.

I have always been more attracted to the models and celebrities of ‘edgy’ quality than the societal stigma of the blonde hair, blue eye cover pretty boys and girls.

I’ve long felt that children should be taught through experience and diversity. Varying cultures, sundry exposure to new things; the world as a classroom. Allow your children to see and know beyond what they experience everyday as a means to help them believe that the possibilities they have in front of them are endless and that dreaming in color is priceless. That buying them ‘stuff’ does not equate to love -but providing them experiences does.

I have taken photographs of ordinary things in unique ways for as long as I can remember – nature is my canvass.

I first started training for a fitness competition in my early-20’s, only to have it derailed by my first pregnancy.

I have been flirting with absolutely everything I am currently doing right now for a literal lifetime; acting on the dreams I’ve kept contained in my heart is the only change that’s come into my life.

And at this point, I don’t really know what my catalyst was.

The causative factor that compelled me to stand and take action rather than sit and dream.

Perhaps it was Brian.
An enigmatic free-spirit.
Wildly successful in everything he does.
Constantly pushing his limits to do more and see more.
Engrossed by the romance of what he can do with his life, rather than remaining idle and wishing himself a different set of circumstances.

Perhaps it was something or someone else.

Truthfully, I don’t care.

All I know is that my life has never been this complete, jovial or full of possibilities; the story of how I wiggled out of my own shell to emerge with the sun on my face and the wind driving my course is an indifferent one to me.

But I can tell you this…

Not so many months ago, I confronted myself with a question that sent shockwaves through my soul.
And if you’re prepared to stare reality in the face, I’d like you to ask yourself the same question.

People hide behind veils.

They pretend to be entirely content, but are so incredibly longing for more.

So later tonight or perhaps tomorrow morning, brace yourself, prepare to be honest in every way possible and ask yourself this question:

What Would I Do, If I Knew I Would Not Fail?

It’s time to start being candid and serious because the clock of your life is ticking…

Stay Sexy,

About the author:
C2 is my handle, but being the “How Does She Do It Mom” is my full time gig! I serve to inspire and urge Moms to pursue all the dreams they’ve been keeping in their hearts… No matter the perceived barriers or obstacles. I’ve been a Youth Fitness Specialist, model, blogger, special needs advisor, and photographer…. But I ain’t done yet!
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Thinking Deeply About Purpose And Existence

If someone accidentally gets a cut, the white blood cells move hurriedly to fight the chances of a serious infection occurring, and a scab is eventually visible. The heart continuously beats, which keeps the human body living. Regardless of the extreme complexity of certain systems of the body, they are seamlessly kept operating as they carry out surprisingly precise duties.

The earth rotates around the sun and somehow the extreme heat does not cause destruction to the earth, because the distance between the two is far enough to prevent this from happening.

Was this all created by chance?

Both sides contain considerable viewpoints.

Based on the viewpoint of an atheist, infinite possibility is what caused this magnitude of complexity; it made this existence possible. This is so far the best argument I’ve heard from an Atheist’s perspective. Consider greatly absolute nothingness. Just actual nothingness. Couldn’t the possibility then be infinite referring to the least bit of anything happening, including something even very complex?

This exact thought, however, might be imaginary; just the attempt of someone who cannot fathom what goes on in the Universe to explain it away.

This extraordinary complexity could just be from a solid cause. That particular scenario would bring into question the origin(s) this cause stemmed from.

The Universe has laws that are absolute. Planets revolve around the sun, such complexity makes up the body, the growth of fruits and vegetables occur and we are protected from floating away due to the law of gravity. Do we consist of just having an “animal side”? Think about the possibility of “meaning” actually. Chances could be that we’re part of an evolutionary process involving our souls taking some time on the earth. Otherwise, we’ll just eventually end up in eternal unconsciousness, no matter which sort of lives we had. What is the actual possible purpose of our existence, and why?

Article resource:

The Nature of Conflict

The nature of conflict is constriction. Constriction is tightening and resistance and is felt on all levels when it arises in your life. In order to free yourself from this debilitating feeling, you must first discern the nature of the conflict.

When there appears to be a situation that is undesirable or uncomfortable, something that doesn’t match up with that ‘feel good’ place of your truth, then something in you forms a knot. The idea of conflict presents the idea of confrontation. It is in our nature to fix or alleviate what is causing us pain – so we attempt to ‘make the situation right’ by correcting another.

For most of us, the idea of confrontation presents us with a kind of uneasiness. It represents battle and we would rather lean towards peace. Our outer conflict becomes more internal then, as our minds rally for justice and our hearts long for subtler pacification. We want to stand up for ourselves when we’ve been wronged and we feel the need to give voice to our indignation. But the idea of creating more tension within the situation and the possibility of being abandoned keeps us immobilized and therefore even more split in the context of peace. It is here that many become lost in their heads and tormented by ghosts of past ill-fated relationship conflicts.

It can be difficult to discern from which the pain is greater. Is it conflict within the relationship that’s bringing you more pain, or is it the division that’s been created within you?

When we find ourselves lost in the ‘solution,’ eagerly trying to dampen the unrest, it’s an excellent time to withdraw from the situation, withdraw from our own heads, and find our place of center. No right outcome will transpire from a place of disconnect. When you have lost your center, you have become disconnected from Source. Only from a place of peace can you derive balance and a satisfying outcome.

It’s important to ask yourself if the relationship is reflecting your own polarity. Do your values match up with the way that you allow others to treat you? Are your outer relationships reflecting what’s within? How true are you to you?

Ultimately, it is up to you to show others how to treat you. If you feel like you’ve been wronged, perhaps it’s a mirror of where you’re not in right relationship with yourself. That foundation, that cornerstone of you loving you, you honoring Truth, is where all relationships are based. So ask yourself if what you’re seeing in a relationship is lacking because you haven’t laid the ground for it to be so. If you’re not being respected, where have you allowed those boundaries to become slack, and what do you need to do to strengthen it? If you’re not feeling that a relationship is positive, how are you contributing to its imbalance? Where does your foundation lie, and how are you initiating it in your world?

There is a time for confrontation and exercising our Truth with voice, but when you wish to operate from solid ground you must reflect on the ground on which you stand. Is this possibly an opportunity to become stronger in you and allow that strength to ripple out into your world, into your relationships, and into your outcomes?

When you become solid in you, you regain clarity and composure and confrontation can be filtered into a communication of Truth. When you become realigned with your Self and pay allegiance, how you choose to handle a situation becomes an act of peace – as your intention is to end the conflict within.

In this state of Being, all outcomes become irrelevant, other than the ultimate of being true to you. And in the end you are left with exactly what you need – because the other will either choose to align or will easily fall away, leaving you with matches to your truth, rather than uncomfortable fits.

As you stand in integrity and authenticity becomes your guide, you will find the like that attracts like and you will see that compatibility is much more pleasant when it springs from truth.

7 Tips for Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

1. Change something every day. It may be as simple as sitting in a different chair at home, or moving your desk slightly to get a new perspective. It keeps you on your toes and gets you used to change.

2. What is your greatest fear? Write down what is your greatest fear at work e.g. doing a presentation to the Board of Directors, meeting people and then not remembering their names, being made redundant, looking stupid in front of colleagues – then ask yourself – What is the worst that could happen if that situation occurred? – How would I overcome this? If you are able to think through a situation ahead of time and find a potential solution it makes it less scary. That’s what we did prior to our expedition to the North Pole.

3. Accept that fear is in all of us. Once you acknowledge that everyone has fears and it’s a natural part of life, you can look at them differently. Think about how you can make fear a positive thing that works for you. For example, it might cause you to do more prep for that presentation, or create a way of remembering people’s names.

4. Change the word you use from fear to curiosity. Whilst fear may bring on one type of emotion, try using the word curiosity instead. This can open you up to want to gain understanding of something you have no knowledge or experience of, and is often associated with anticipation or enthusiasm.

5. Look for a physical challenge. Many people enjoy pushing their boundaries by embarking on a physical activity such as rock climbing or trekking. Make a commitment to do something new – arrange a great day out and will get your heart racing, e.g. rock climbing or zip wire.

6. Relax, and reflect. Stepping out your comfort zone does not always have to be about activity. For some of you the challenge might be to slow down, relax and take time for yourself. I recommend Joy of Being

7. Don’t be on your own. Find a way to share your fears with others because by doing so shows you are human and vulnerable. This takes courage but also can help build rapport with others. So share what you are going to do to step out of your comfort zone!

Sue Stockdale is a motivational speaker, executive coach and polar adventurer. She was the First British woman to walk to the Magnetic North Pole and represented Scotland in athletics. She is Chapter Chair of Women Presidents Organisation in UK, and Director of WEConnect Europe, the leading supplier diversity initiative. Sue is passionate about helping women achieve their goals in business

Monday, October 18, 2010

Attract Love Into Your Life

Harness the energy of the Earth and give your love life a jolt! If you’ve been waiting around for The One and they still haven’t made an appearance, maybe it’s time to tap into a little flower power and get things moving.

Flowers, plants and herbs have been used for centuries to inspire love and passion. This ancient wisdom can still be used today to bring you the relationship you’ve been waiting for.

By utilizing the wisdom of plants and working with the energies of the earth, you will align yourself with spiritual forces that can shift the flow of your life in a direction that is more attuned to love.

The powers of the flowers can be utilized in a multitude of ways. Choose one or all of the flowers below and then read on to learn how to activate their powers.

The queen of love, this gorgeous bloom is flower royalty. Heals, opens and purifies the heart. Attracts self-love and love from others.

Charming and seductive, jasmine is the flower flirt. She’ll warm you up and bring your hidden love powers to light.

Ylang Ylang
The exotic sensuality of ylang ylang can melt almost anyone’s resolve. Use this sexy flower with care, for when you really want results.

Rich, deep and creamy, the gardenia has a subtle but warm sexiness that can help to ease you into new love connections.

Straightforward and pure, the carnation evokes a gentle love. Use when you want to move into something new slowly -- but surely.

Activating the Powers

Adorning yourself with love-attracting flowers will activate their energy and help you to shift your attention to a more receptive mindset. Put your flowers of choice in your hair or buttonhole, make a wreath or wear a lei. For a more concentrated effect, wear the flowers as perfume. Use high-quality, pure essential oils for maximum benefit.

Buy or grow your flowers of choice and place regular bouquets in prominent spots in your house. If you use Feng Shui, make sure to amplify your relationship corner with fresh blooms. Just remember to remove them as soon as they start to droop.

Use the flowers to make magical baths. Add them fresh, dried or in the form of essential oils. Soak in a bath with the flowers while you envision the relationship or person you want to attract. To amplify the power of a love bath, add a little honey, which is the combined essence of thousands of flowers.

Remember the movie Like Water for Chocolate? The results of one rose-infused dish invoked overwhelming feelings of love and passion. While you may not get the same instantaneous results, it’s definitely worth it to experiment with using flowers in your food. Try flower-infused salads, desserts and teas. Make just for yourself -- or serve to a very important guest!

Why We're Drawn to Certain People as Friends

Ever notice you have several friends who share the same Sun sign -- but it's a different sign than yours? It's only natural that we tend to befriend people whom we admire ... and with whom we feel a kinship.

How then does astrology come into play?

One's Sun, Another's Moon
The strongest connection between friends -- or lovers, for that matter -- is the conjunction of one person's Sun with the other's Moon sign. For example, if you're a Cancer with a Virgo Moon, you may connect well with someone who has a Virgo Sun. It's also likely that someone with a Cancer Moon will feel a connection to you.

What's at work here? Your conscious ego function is seeking a match that complements you on an emotional level. After all, nothing makes a friendship last like a strong emotional connection, when the two of you simply "get one another" on a level deeper than usual.

Look Ahead

Another astrological theory that can come into play when making and keeping friends has to do with looking for signs 90 degrees ahead of yours. For example, if you're an Aries, you may unconsciously seek out Cancer friends; continuing this trend, Taurus seeks out Leo's companionship, Gemini seeks Virgo's, and so on.

This has to do with opposites attracting. Those "ahead" of you on the zodiac's path have a different set of skills and attributes from which you can learn. By pairing with them, you may endure a bit of a bumpy friendship at times, but one that's also full of growth and learning.

Fire Attracts Fire

Finally, here's a fairly simple, yet tried-and-true principle: Signs that share elements (Fire, Water, Earth, Air) generally mingle well with one another. For example, if you're an airy Libra, you'll likely make a strong connection with fellow Air signs Gemini and Aquarius; the same can be said if you're an earthy Virgo and other fiery types (Taurus or Capricorn).

By looking at your close friends and examining the signs you're most attracted to, you'll gain a better sense of the companions who comfort you!

The Perfect Movements for Your Sun Sign

Let the zodiac guide you through a series of stress-release movements. For maximum results, work through this entire 12-sign regimen; if you're pressed for time, even taking 10 minutes with your own Sun sign will do wonders for your mind, body and spirit.

Focus on the stress you carry in your face, then release that tension by channeling any aggressive impulses into very raw movement. You can even start by giving yourself a little facial massage with chewy mouth stretches to release jaw tension. Punching, kicking, lunging forward or any martial arts activity will get you right into the Aries vibe of activating your instincts and aggression.

Slow yourself down. Truly listen to your body as you use deliberate, earthy and sensual movements that allow you to feel as if you are using all five senses. Work closely with sound and movement together, and allow your movement to remain close to the ground. Focus specifically on the neck and shoulders, where Taureans tend to carry the weight of the world.

Focus primarily on your breath, accentuating inhalation. From there, experiment with quick and dynamic motion. Don't be afraid to flail yourself around to a fun soundtrack as you pay special attention to your arms, shoulders and wrists -- all Gemini-ruled areas of the body. Move like the wind and don't forget to breathe, for Gemini also rules the lungs.

Allow your emotions to shape and move you. Let your body reflect the mood you're in, and change movement as your emotions change tone. Movements that allow you to get within yourself -- that make you feel as if you're in a protective shell -- are the most nurturing. Cancer rules the stomach, so choose movements that feel soothing to your tummy. You can also meditate on old memories or photographs to get in touch with buried feelings.

The goal is to open your heart. Yoga's "Fish Pose" is an excellent image, as are any bigger-than-life dance routines you can conjure. Choose bold, expressive movements, preferably performed in the sunshine. Leo is all about strength and self-confidence, so anything requiring heavy doses of will and determination will also activate your inner Lion.

Focus on detailed movements requiring precision and repetition. Add many spinal twists to your routine, for they stimulate the intestines and are excellent for Virgos. Repeating movements until you exhaust your nervous energy is very healing for Virgo's compulsive tendencies. Tweak it out!

Seek graceful movements that fill you with a sense of poise and inner peace. Ballet-inspired movements will give you the beauty and graceful sense of Libra. Use breath awareness to smooth out any rough edges or pesky imbalances in your body. Balancing poses such as "Tree Pose" are fantastic for checking on how your scales are rocking.

Focusing on your pelvic area, choose movements that access the watery and sexual energy of Scorpio. Try hip circles, lotus pose, hip shaking -- anything that opens up your hips and stirs your kundalini. Snake-like or belly dancing-inspired movements will rally the darker, sensual and transformative side of Scorpio. Intensity in your movement is key, so unleash your passionate streak.

Sharp, extended and expansive movements will often engender Sagittarius's energy. Feeling as though you are breaking new ground or reaching higher in your dance can unite you with the essence of Sag. You should feel like you're galloping through an open field -- or even flying! The more open and larger-than-life your movements, the more you'll activate that Sagittarian free spirit.

Work on being conscious of the boundaries of your skin while choosing disciplined movement. Remain mindful of each new step, and allow your body to move with commanding presence. Most importantly, choose movements that feel soothing to your knees, instead of potentially blowing them out.

Work with quick, erratic movements, and don't try to make sense of them. Follow your zaniest impulses without question, for the key is to experiment. Allow electrical impulses of energy to shoot through your limbs without holding back. Shock yourself with how strange and inventive your movements can get!

Allow yourself to feel like you're dancing -- with no bones to hold you up. Imagine your body completely made of water ... and float accordingly. Keep your limbs watery and your mind dreamy, then enter a wholly fluid state. Close your eyes, go into the void of the unknown and see what emerges. Remember, as modern dance pioneer Martha Graham said: "Keep the channel open."

A Passionate Week!

Get ready for a week of passion, intensity and determination! First, Mercury's entrance into Scorpio will help you ferret out the information you need. Then a full Moon in fiery Aries on October 22 inflames passions, and you'll need to pace yourself so you don't burn out! Finally, the Sun follows Mercury into determined Scorpio on October 23, helping you set a steady course.

October 20: Mercury enters Scorpio
With Mercury's entrance into passionate Scorpio, we enter the deep waters of feelings and intuition. Now, your hunches and instincts get top billing. But also, with the planet of communication in such a determined sign, the intensity ratchets up. At your best, you'll be able to focus your mind with laser-like precision, making this a great time to finish a writing project, put the finishing touches on a resume or bring up a topic that's been hard to talk about. Just watch out for a tendency to obsess: If you find your mind looping around the same theme too many times, hop off that merry-go-round and go get some cotton candy! Even great minds need a break, right?

October 22: Full Moon in Aries
On September 23, we experienced a full Moon in the first degree of Aries. This month, a second full Moon takes place in Aries, but in the last degree. One thing is for sure with this feisty warrior sign -- expect to feel fired-up! Your challenge will be to assert yourself in a way that makes you proud. At its best, Aries is courageous and pioneering. You will be able to move mountains if you use the bold energy of this sign and the passion of the full Moon to advance yourself while advocating for others.

October 23: The Sun enters Scorpio
You won't feel lukewarm about anything as the Sun heads into passionate, emotionally driven Scorpio. This resourceful and determined sign gives you the power and stamina to further yourself in whichever arena you choose. Use the amazing strength of this transit to follow your passion -- whether it's beginning a new career, signing up for the Peace Corps or writing a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Missing The Firebenders

What’s missing?

Well, there is nothing doing in any of the Fire signs at the moment.

Nothing major in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.
And yes, i kind of miss it.

One way or another – Pluto in Sagittarius, long transits of Venus in Aries and then Mars in Leo, Uranus in Aries mid-year – we have had tonnes of Fire around for yonks. Now it’s all Air-Earth-Water…Ladies and Gentlemen, we currently have a Fire element defecit.

Aries-Saggo-Leo peeps need more support than usual. Some of them feel like they’ve totally lost their moxy.
The Fire sign areas of your chart are eerily not happening.

Air Sign Rising? Hello, what happened your active social life, regular dialogues and actual love life?
Earth Sign Rising? Is there a God? A Goddess? Or just you and the never-ending tasks to to be sodding completed list?
Water Sign Rising? Hello, prospects? Are you there?
Fire Sign Rising? Where did your looks go and are they coming back anytime soon?
All of you – what happened to the drive, the chutzpah, the ability to pull all-nighters when need be, the motivation, your nerve, the audacity…the parties…???

We will simply have to enjoy our Fire Sign Moons when they come along and then there is Mars in super-Sagg from late October…Meanwhile, getting your Mars on with the Scorpio vibe is simple: You only feel good if you are initiating constant change and are in (healthy) attack mode.

Walking a Heavenly Path

I was walking through a trail in the woods around a lake when all of a sudden the Angels nudged me and asked me why I was looking down when there was all this beauty around me. I looked up and immediately saw some squirrels arguing, running up, down and around a tree. I glanced further up in the trees and saw so many birds, I couldn’t count them all. I would never have known they were there if I didn’t look up. Then over in the lake was a log. It was sticking up out of the water with seven turtles on it. There were so many turtles on that small space and not enough room so some were propping themselves up on the backs of others. It looked so funny! Then I noticed the ducks. They looked like they were bobbing for apples every time they dunked their heads under water. I was starting to feel like I was in my own little heaven!

I was out in the open now with the sun shining bright on me. I looked ahead and noticed that the ducks had made quite a mess on the path. I told the Angels that I was thankful for the beauty around me but I was going to look down during this part of my path. I skillfully stepped around the messes and when I got past them, I was under the trees again and continued taking notice of what was above and around me.

Some of you are probably saying, “Thank you, for taking me on your walk however, what is the message?” The message is the Angels want to remind everyone that we can miss out on so much when we keep our focus on the Earthplane situations around us. We can get encouraged, just by looking up and seeing the vastness of the sky; the rain that nourishes the plants; the animals that don’t have money but always seem to get food each and every day. But also that it is okay to look down when you see someone else’s mess. This is so that you can easily side-step it, remembering to immediately put your focus back up higher. It is such a blessing to no longer have to accept other people’s messes as our own or as a lesson for ourselves. We still recognize it but pass no judgment while continuing on our heavenly path.

Turn Over A New Leaf

Have you been dealing with some recent blows? Some of us are experiencing some hard lessons thanks to disciplinarian Saturn and the sun. Thanks to the new moon in Libra, however, we have the chance to set new intentions and goals. Experience a clean slate. Turn over a new leaf. When it comes to getting what you want, put the gloves on and get down and dirty. The new moon in Libra indicates we're all getting a fresh start now! Take a look below to see what area of your life needs attention.

Aries- Turn your attention to your partnerships, Aries. This could be in work or love. If you've recently hit a rough patch in the love department, this is your chance to make a positive change. Set your intentions to the Universe.

Taurus- Bulls need to keep an eye on their health now. If you've been neglecting your body with alcohol or sweets, start making a change. Try a detox along with some daily yoga.

Gemini- A new romance could come with a few obstacles. You may need to make some sacrifices to make it work. Your natural ability to communicate may be key in getting what you want. Don't ever be afraid to speak your truths.

Cancer- Crabs could very well be in a new home now. The domestic scene is upfront and center thanks to the new moon. With Saturn's presence you will learn some lessons. You and your sweetie could be buying your first home or making some home improvements. Keep your patience and be diligent during the process.

Leo- Leo writers could make a breakthrough now thanks to the new moon, but Saturn could slow things down for you. If you're working on a writing project, don't give up. You're half way there.

Virgo- Force yourself to get control of your finances. There could be some hard financial lessons for you now if you're not prepared. Kick those bad budget habits and get a clean financial start now.

Libra-You're determined to get what you want and you'll have the confidence to make some leaps and bounds now, however, Saturn could easily throw some curveballs at you along the way. Don't give up, however. That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Scorpio- Working behind the scenes could get you far now. When challenges pop up, you'll grow and come out stronger for it. Turn to your inner guidance to help find your way.

Sag- Issues could pop up around a friend. Perhaps you're wanting to break a friendship up all together or try to patch things up. Use the new moon to start fresh in your social network.

Cap- Everyone in your industry could be buzzing your name with this new moon. You could easily receive a new opportunity at work that leads you to a path of success. No need to fear, Saturn could provide you with someone wise to help you on your journey.

Aqua- Foreign dealings could prove to be a success for you now. If you're looking to get ahead in business or love, look overseas! Some should also prove to make great headway now with a new broadcast or publication.

Pisces- This is a stellar time for you and your sweetie to go over those credit card statements. While you're at it, make a date with the tax man, too. Getting those financial ducks in a row will lead you to newfound freedom.

Information Arrives!

Mercury is the major player this week. This means how you communicate is extra important! First, you get an information bonanza as Mercury joins with the Sun in a conjunction on October 16. When Mercury forms a quincunx to expansive Jupiter on October 17, you'll need to tweak your plans and be as flexible as possible.

October 16: The Sun conjuncts Mercury
On September 3, when Mercury was retrograde, the Sun and Mercury came together in a conjunction in Virgo. Back then, you received information you were unable to put to good use, but hopefully you used that time to research and gather data. These two come together again, this time in Libra, and finally a plan comes together. It's time to reap the benefits of all your conversations, agreements and ideas over the last couple of months. This marks a time of new beginnings, new plans and new ideas. Finally you get the go-ahead to do something with them!

October 17: Mercury quincunx Jupiter
This aspect can bring unexpected information and surprising news. Sometimes what you get is not what you thought was coming. Now that retrograde Jupiter has returned to Pisces, your ideas are challenged as Mercury forms this curveball aspect. Or perhaps there is a disconnect between what you say and what you believe -- or between your thoughts and another's worldview. Mercury in Libra wants to avoid conflict. Still, the emotions of Jupiter in Pisces can flood the social discourse in ways that may make intuitive sense, but lack logic.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Nature is wakening...

Merry spring day to all!

It's the 1st of September and spring is in the air here in sunny South Africa. To kick of the season, here is what the planets have in store:

September kicks off with the Sun in practical and communicative Virgo, calling for a restless though conscientious and hard working mood for the month. Virgo is an adaptable sign so it is extremely good at adjusting to changing circumstances and warm hearted behind its rather fussy facade.
However, it will not be all duty and no pleasure since indulgent Venus continues in its own sign of Libra for the first week of September, with plenty of charm, harmonious words, and extravagance to mark its passage. It holds hands with dreamy Neptune on the September 4, in a trine across the zodiac, which could add a hint of romance. Then from September 8, Venus glides effortlessly into intensely sexy, seductive Scorpio for a sojourn through November 7. Beware -- feelings may run deep, and strong passions may flare up during this period.
Jupiter moves back into Pisces on September 9, and stays there until almost the end of January 2011. This should bring a spiritual note into our lives, since this transit has a charitable heart, deep compassion and a sense of the importance of inner peace.
Mercury turns direct on September 12, and it is time to pick up our forward movements. On the same day a super-persuasive Venus sextile Pluto will bring warmth to encounters and a touch of passion, though be aware of a few hidden agendas. Venus-Pluto does have a manipulative side which needs to be handled with care.
Mars stands stalwart for better co-operation in close relationships to Libra until September 14, generally with positive results. It then moves into Scorpio to stay there until October 27, which will bring with it a mood of formidable determination and as well as a little vengefulness. Mars in Scorpio can never find it in its heart to forgive, forget and move on. It wrestles in a rather anguished way with hurts, slights and double dealings. Not that it is entirely straightforward all the time either, since it carries all of Scorpio's need for secrecy to extreme lengths. It does however, have its purpose, in standing rock steady in crisis, being courageous and resourceful, and provides a backbone for any difficulties ahead.
Pluto going direct in Capricorn on September 14 will provide assistance in solving practical and financial problems. A period of good luck, full of adventurous spirit, with a break from tension and stress is promised as Jupiter conjuncts Uranus on September 19. Both Jupiter and Uranus oppose the Sun on September 21, and there might be an unexpected turns of events, which may prove to be just what we all needed. It will be impulsive, and a time when new opportunities should be grasped instantly, without pausing to take time for caution.
We usher in the Fall Equinox on September 22, as the Sun moves into well-balanced Libra, and promptly forms a square to Pluto on September 26, which will require perseverance and some strings to get pulled, in order to get around problems. Even on the final day of this month, there will be no let up from the cosmos pressure as the Sun is poised to align with Saturn on October 1. Stand firm! The going might get difficult -- but persistence will pay off. Stand firm.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Numerology 101

Numerology is the study of the symbolism of numbers and many believe that the history of numerology goes back more than 10 000 years. Pythagoras, the Greek mathematician who lived from 569 – 470 BC is said to be the originator of much of what we call western or standard numerology today. More has been written on the subject in this century than in all of the preceding 1000 years.


The Life Path number is the most important number in the numerology report. It describes the major lessons that have to be learned in a lifetime. 90% of people are able to do it without realising what it is. The hard part is to attain a higher level with each birthday.


The life path is calculated by adding the day, month and year of your birth together. Reduce to a single digit. If the figures add up to 11 or 12, do not reduce them, as these are master numbers.


29 July 1966, would become
2 + 9 + 0 + 7 + 1 + 9 + 6 + 6 = 40
4 + 0 = 4
The Life Path Number is 4


1 Initiating action, pioneering, leading, independent, attaining, and individual.
2 Co-operation, adaptability, consideration of others, partnering, mediating.
3 Expression, verbalisation, socialisation, the arts, the joy of living.
4 A foundation, order, service, struggle against limits, steady growth.
5 Expansiveness, visionary, change, the constructive use of freedom.
6 Responsibility, protection, nurturing, community, balance, sympathy.
7 Analysis, understanding, knowledge, awareness, studious, meditating.
8 Practical endeavours, status oriented, power-seeking, high-material goals.
9 Humanitarian, giving nature, selflessness, obligations, a dreamer.
11 Attain a higher spiritual plane, intuitive, illumination, and idealist.
22 The Master Builder, large endeavours, powerful force, leadership.

This number is derived from the letters in your full birth name and can also be called the destiny or personality number. This is the number that describes the talents and natural abilities that are at your disposal from birth which can be developed as you grow and mature. In other words these numbers signify your inherent potential or destiny. These abilities are often very important in work and career.


1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9
A  B  C   D  E   F  G   H   I
J   K  L   M N  O  P   Q   R
S  T   U   V W  X  Y  Z

Take each name separately and add up the letter values using the conversion chart above. Reduce to a single digit. If you get an 11 or 22, do not add to a single digit, as these are master numbers. Do not use nicknames or married names, but the full name that appears on your birth certificate. The only exception would be in the case of adoption shortly after birth, where the name given in the adoption home should be used.


Using the full name Tom Alan Smith

Tom       2 + 6 + 4 + 
Allen      1 + 3 + 1 + 5 +
Smith     1 + 4 + 9 + 2 + 8 =46
 4 + 6 + = 10
  1 + 0 + = 1 
The expression number is 1


1 Denotes strong leadership qualities. Ambitious and determined, with the potential for achievement and financial rewards. Prefers to work alone and possess qualities of self-confidence and self-reliance. Dislikes routine. Independence, problem solving, and initiating action. Can develop the capacity to be a strong leader, sales executive or business owner. Negative qualities: self-centredness, aggressiveness and instinct to dominate.

2. Destiny is in the role of mediator and peacemaker. Modest without the need for recognition of accomplishments. Sensitive, diplomatic in difficult situations, co-operative, and considerate. Excellent at organising and managing people due to exceptional tact and friendliness. Make good facilitators. Negative qualities: oversensitivity and tendency to get hurt easily, shyness, uncertainty, apathy and indifference.

3. Optimistic and enthusiastic about life and living. Role in life is to inspire, motivate and raise the spirits of others. Excellent communication and social skills. Would make an excellent teacher, composer, singer, actor or salesman. May have a latent creative talent in the arts. Negative qualities: superficiality, too easygoing, materialistic.

4. Destiny is to express wonderful organisational skills with a practical, down to earth approach. Sincere, honest and faithful. Sense of responsibility leads to fulfilling obligations and doing a good job of everything undertaken. Would do very well in the fields of building, engineering and craftsmanship. Negative qualities: Stubborn, dogmatic, rigid, prejudice, and dominance.

5. Multi-talented and versatile. Clever, analytical and a quick thinker. The tone is constructive freedom, and to attain this freedom, will be very good at mastering adaptability and change. Proficient at presenting ideas and knowing how to approach others to get results. Popular, entertaining and amusing. Negative qualities: procrastination, difficulty in keeping routine, making the same mistake over and over again. Hates paperwork.

6. Loving, friendly and appreciative of others. A depth of understanding, producing sympathetic kindness and generosity. Open and honest. Sense of responsibility, love and balance and capable of rectifying and balancing inharmonious situations. Shows artistic and creative talent but prefers to work in an occupation where there is concern for the betterment of the community eg. Social worker. Make excellent parents. Negative qualities: self-sacrifice, over demanding of self and worry.

7. Outgoing, refreshing, rebellious, mischievous and involved in the search for wisdom or truth Logical and rational in approach. Appears to lack emotion. Excellent at studying deep subjects in search of hidden fundamentals. Make excellent teachers. Negative qualities: lack of self trust, introvert and intolerant.

8. Outstanding organisational and administrative capabilities. Potential to achieve in business and other powerful positions. Good judgement in money and commercial matters with an understanding of building and accumulating material wealth. Ambitious and goal orientated. Make good managers and can plan, initiate and complete projects. Negative qualities: impatience, laziness, intolerance, over materialistic.

9. A love to help others and tendency towards acting the "big" brother or sister type. Will operate best if sense of feeling and compassion is followed. Creative ability, imagination and artistic talent (often latent) of the highest order are present in this expression. Friendships, affection and love are extremely important. Make good teachers and counsellors. Negative qualities: selfish, self-centered, aloofness, and lack of sensitivity. Rather a dreamer than a doer. 

11 Inspirational and the ability to lead by example. Inner strength and awareness of environment. Strong intuition and keen analytical ability. Will be happier if working outside of the business world. Concerned and supportive of art, music or beauty in any form. Make good teachers, social workers, philosophers and professors. Negative qualities: nervous tension, over sensitive, temperamental, fantasy and reality become intermingled. 

22 Capable of great accomplishment. A strong leader who is unafraid to lead in new directions. An idealist with the material skills to develop for the good of mankind. Inner strength is clearly visible. Negative qualities: overbearing, dominating and destructive.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Power of Color

The color green is known to promote peace, healing and balance. According to the dictates of Feng Shui, surrounding yourself with plenty of green will not only soothe your spirit, but also help strengthen and cleanse your physical self.

Put Some Green in Your Scene

Place fresh, healthy plants around your house, and sleep on green sheets to make all your happy, prosperous dreams come true! Healers often recommend visualizing yourself surrounded by a big ball of green light during times of anxiety and/or illness. To do this, close your eyes and inhale that green light into your whole being, "watching" as it flows into your mouth and circulates through your entire self. As you exhale this light, watch it carry away all the impurities and imbalances in your system as you say goodbye to these stressors for good!

Green is also a great color for kids' bedrooms because of its heavenly, calming energy. Likewise, anyone recovering from illness -- whether physical, mental or emotional -- would do well to include green in their bedroom decor.

Beyond Green

White is a terrific color to use in the kitchen, where the stove, toaster, microwave and coffee maker can contribute to high heat. White is considered a very cooling color, so you can't have too much of it where you cook. This is why early kitchen appliances were almost always white!

Finally, if you're single and looking for your soul mate, paint your bedroom pink or salmon. These colors have long been associated with love in Feng Shui, and they have a steady track record of helping many meet the person of their dreams.

Tarot and Wellness

In the tarot, each personality type can be best described by the four “suites”, which correspond to a particular element of nature: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. So how do you go about finding your tarot type to make it work for you?

Select a card from the deck that resonates with you, and then read the information below to see which of the four basic personality types fits you the best. Most people usually have a blend of at least two of these elemental natures, but sometimes you’ll recognize yourself as being strongly one more than the other.


Your type: Swords people are focused on the realm of the mind and are brainy, love to talk, can be competitive and may get bored easily. They can be less in touch with their bodies than the other types because they prefer to spend time writing, reading, on the computer, or engaging in dialogues with others. Sword types need exercise that stimulates their mind as well as the body and food that is quick, healthy and easy to prepare.

Exercise: Fencing, tennis, rock climbing, hang gliding

Foods: Healthy, bite-sized foods like baby carrots, hummus, popcorn, nuts and other high protein foods that don’t take a lot of prior preparation time.


Your type: Wands people love to have a good time. They are creative, fun, active, thrill seeking, passionate and entertaining. They may push too hard in exercise, so it’s important for them to pace themselves so they don’t burn out. This fiery type thrives on doing activities with other people, and needs food that is calming to their nervous system.

Exercise: Dancing, hooping, circus school (trampolines, juggling, etc.)

Foods: Coconut, salads, fresh fruits, grilled vegetables, fish.

Cups (or Chalices)/Water

Your type: Dreamy, creative imaginative and emotional, Cups need a form of exercise that supports their spiritual as well as their physical selves. This type does best in non-competitive and gentle sports that allow them to enjoy the beauty of the natural world. Because they can tend to eat emotionally, Cups need to have a wide variety of foods pre-prepared to fulfill cravings in healthy and nurturing ways.

Exercise: Sailing, canoeing, yoga, swimming

Foods: Soups, oatmeal and other hearty breakfast cereals, seafood.


Your type: The Pentacle type is grounded, practical and focused. This earthy personality needs exercise that they can commit to, so routines and continuity are important to build a sense of stability. More risk-adverse than risk-taking, Pentacles like to see physical results from their efforts. Foods that support stability and strength are important to add to their diet.

Exercise: Hiking, gardening, weight lifting

Foods: Root vegetables, nuts, apples and grains.

Planetary Oppositions: April-May 2010

There’s a knack to handling oppositions –- planets sitting exactly across each other in the zodiac. And right now it’s important to learn how because April and May are introducing some major challenges. Get it wrong and you’ll find yourself being pulled in contradictory directions. Get it right and you’ll experience a point of balance in the next 60 days.

All this month, Saturn (structure) is opposite Uranus (no boundaries). You're being tugged between Saturn’s way of slogging on dutifully, and throwing everything in the air, as rebellious Uranus would have you do.

What you need to aim for –- and it's a mind stretch -– is to fulfill both ends of the oppositions. Merge the best of the old with the best of the new. Put changes in place certainly, but in a gradual, disciplined way. Uranus is giving you flashes of inspiration and Saturn is grounding them. Don’t think of it as an “either-or” situation. See it as a marriage of two differing energies.

Then in May, jovial Jupiter will oppose serious Saturn. In many ways this is just as contrary. Expansive, confident, enthusiastic Jupiter is everything that somber, work-oriented Saturn is not. But actually neither works well without the other. Jupiter flies off on impractical schemes without Saturn’s discipline to turn them into solid achievements. And Saturn without Jupiter gets easily discouraged and makes life feel like an endless chore.

Think of the seesaw here again. Saturn is weighted, and so needs to be lifted; Jupiter is too up and needs to be more grounded. Finding that point of balance where you can use the best of both opposing forces is the way to go.
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