Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Planetary Oppositions: April-May 2010

There’s a knack to handling oppositions –- planets sitting exactly across each other in the zodiac. And right now it’s important to learn how because April and May are introducing some major challenges. Get it wrong and you’ll find yourself being pulled in contradictory directions. Get it right and you’ll experience a point of balance in the next 60 days.

All this month, Saturn (structure) is opposite Uranus (no boundaries). You're being tugged between Saturn’s way of slogging on dutifully, and throwing everything in the air, as rebellious Uranus would have you do.

What you need to aim for –- and it's a mind stretch -– is to fulfill both ends of the oppositions. Merge the best of the old with the best of the new. Put changes in place certainly, but in a gradual, disciplined way. Uranus is giving you flashes of inspiration and Saturn is grounding them. Don’t think of it as an “either-or” situation. See it as a marriage of two differing energies.

Then in May, jovial Jupiter will oppose serious Saturn. In many ways this is just as contrary. Expansive, confident, enthusiastic Jupiter is everything that somber, work-oriented Saturn is not. But actually neither works well without the other. Jupiter flies off on impractical schemes without Saturn’s discipline to turn them into solid achievements. And Saturn without Jupiter gets easily discouraged and makes life feel like an endless chore.

Think of the seesaw here again. Saturn is weighted, and so needs to be lifted; Jupiter is too up and needs to be more grounded. Finding that point of balance where you can use the best of both opposing forces is the way to go.

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