Monday, October 11, 2010

Missing The Firebenders

What’s missing?

Well, there is nothing doing in any of the Fire signs at the moment.

Nothing major in Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.
And yes, i kind of miss it.

One way or another – Pluto in Sagittarius, long transits of Venus in Aries and then Mars in Leo, Uranus in Aries mid-year – we have had tonnes of Fire around for yonks. Now it’s all Air-Earth-Water…Ladies and Gentlemen, we currently have a Fire element defecit.

Aries-Saggo-Leo peeps need more support than usual. Some of them feel like they’ve totally lost their moxy.
The Fire sign areas of your chart are eerily not happening.

Air Sign Rising? Hello, what happened your active social life, regular dialogues and actual love life?
Earth Sign Rising? Is there a God? A Goddess? Or just you and the never-ending tasks to to be sodding completed list?
Water Sign Rising? Hello, prospects? Are you there?
Fire Sign Rising? Where did your looks go and are they coming back anytime soon?
All of you – what happened to the drive, the chutzpah, the ability to pull all-nighters when need be, the motivation, your nerve, the audacity…the parties…???

We will simply have to enjoy our Fire Sign Moons when they come along and then there is Mars in super-Sagg from late October…Meanwhile, getting your Mars on with the Scorpio vibe is simple: You only feel good if you are initiating constant change and are in (healthy) attack mode.

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