Monday, October 11, 2010

Information Arrives!

Mercury is the major player this week. This means how you communicate is extra important! First, you get an information bonanza as Mercury joins with the Sun in a conjunction on October 16. When Mercury forms a quincunx to expansive Jupiter on October 17, you'll need to tweak your plans and be as flexible as possible.

October 16: The Sun conjuncts Mercury
On September 3, when Mercury was retrograde, the Sun and Mercury came together in a conjunction in Virgo. Back then, you received information you were unable to put to good use, but hopefully you used that time to research and gather data. These two come together again, this time in Libra, and finally a plan comes together. It's time to reap the benefits of all your conversations, agreements and ideas over the last couple of months. This marks a time of new beginnings, new plans and new ideas. Finally you get the go-ahead to do something with them!

October 17: Mercury quincunx Jupiter
This aspect can bring unexpected information and surprising news. Sometimes what you get is not what you thought was coming. Now that retrograde Jupiter has returned to Pisces, your ideas are challenged as Mercury forms this curveball aspect. Or perhaps there is a disconnect between what you say and what you believe -- or between your thoughts and another's worldview. Mercury in Libra wants to avoid conflict. Still, the emotions of Jupiter in Pisces can flood the social discourse in ways that may make intuitive sense, but lack logic.

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