Monday, October 18, 2010

A Passionate Week!

Get ready for a week of passion, intensity and determination! First, Mercury's entrance into Scorpio will help you ferret out the information you need. Then a full Moon in fiery Aries on October 22 inflames passions, and you'll need to pace yourself so you don't burn out! Finally, the Sun follows Mercury into determined Scorpio on October 23, helping you set a steady course.

October 20: Mercury enters Scorpio
With Mercury's entrance into passionate Scorpio, we enter the deep waters of feelings and intuition. Now, your hunches and instincts get top billing. But also, with the planet of communication in such a determined sign, the intensity ratchets up. At your best, you'll be able to focus your mind with laser-like precision, making this a great time to finish a writing project, put the finishing touches on a resume or bring up a topic that's been hard to talk about. Just watch out for a tendency to obsess: If you find your mind looping around the same theme too many times, hop off that merry-go-round and go get some cotton candy! Even great minds need a break, right?

October 22: Full Moon in Aries
On September 23, we experienced a full Moon in the first degree of Aries. This month, a second full Moon takes place in Aries, but in the last degree. One thing is for sure with this feisty warrior sign -- expect to feel fired-up! Your challenge will be to assert yourself in a way that makes you proud. At its best, Aries is courageous and pioneering. You will be able to move mountains if you use the bold energy of this sign and the passion of the full Moon to advance yourself while advocating for others.

October 23: The Sun enters Scorpio
You won't feel lukewarm about anything as the Sun heads into passionate, emotionally driven Scorpio. This resourceful and determined sign gives you the power and stamina to further yourself in whichever arena you choose. Use the amazing strength of this transit to follow your passion -- whether it's beginning a new career, signing up for the Peace Corps or writing a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel!

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