Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Thinking Deeply About Purpose And Existence

If someone accidentally gets a cut, the white blood cells move hurriedly to fight the chances of a serious infection occurring, and a scab is eventually visible. The heart continuously beats, which keeps the human body living. Regardless of the extreme complexity of certain systems of the body, they are seamlessly kept operating as they carry out surprisingly precise duties.

The earth rotates around the sun and somehow the extreme heat does not cause destruction to the earth, because the distance between the two is far enough to prevent this from happening.

Was this all created by chance?

Both sides contain considerable viewpoints.

Based on the viewpoint of an atheist, infinite possibility is what caused this magnitude of complexity; it made this existence possible. This is so far the best argument I’ve heard from an Atheist’s perspective. Consider greatly absolute nothingness. Just actual nothingness. Couldn’t the possibility then be infinite referring to the least bit of anything happening, including something even very complex?

This exact thought, however, might be imaginary; just the attempt of someone who cannot fathom what goes on in the Universe to explain it away.

This extraordinary complexity could just be from a solid cause. That particular scenario would bring into question the origin(s) this cause stemmed from.

The Universe has laws that are absolute. Planets revolve around the sun, such complexity makes up the body, the growth of fruits and vegetables occur and we are protected from floating away due to the law of gravity. Do we consist of just having an “animal side”? Think about the possibility of “meaning” actually. Chances could be that we’re part of an evolutionary process involving our souls taking some time on the earth. Otherwise, we’ll just eventually end up in eternal unconsciousness, no matter which sort of lives we had. What is the actual possible purpose of our existence, and why?

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