Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Green Monday

In my humble opinion, Mondays are green, not blue. Why? do you ask...  Let me explain...

Do not think green as in environmentally friendly. Scenario: You've been waiting months for the warm summer days to arrive, waiting and dreaming of your first dip into the lovely blue swimming pool. The first warm weekend, you pack your bathing clothes, suntan lotion and party favours all set for a lovely day at the pool. Then you arrive. The shock, the horror!  But above all, the dread sinking feeling of all has been taken away from away you:  the blue sparkly waters from your memory is in reality now turned a sickly yellowish green with slime on the sides and who-knows-what breeding underneath.  No swimming for as while.  :(

That is why Mondays are green, not blue as a summer sky with lazy pure white cotton clouds drifting lazily around... 
Saturdays are blue, not Mondays.  ^__^

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Neptune Turns Direct: Confusion or Clarity?

Neptune is the planet of spirit and faith. It governs our dreams and intuitions, our spirituality, imagination, delusions and addictions. This is the planet that can lead us to our higher purpose, dissolve our personally created limitations and boundaries, or send us spiraling into the murky depths of grief and chaos. Neptune energy can be harnessed for growth and change, particularly when we take the time to embrace the energy and the lessons Neptune gently or brutally is sending our way. Neptune is a slow planet and takes 14 years to transit through a sign, and 165 years to orbit the sun. It has been retrograde since May 28, and finally turns direct on November 4.

Neptune retrograde periods encourage us to reflect on our past, to contemplate our connectedness with ourselves, emotions, and spirituality. The retrograde periods can be a time of denial, delusion, and escapism - often bringing us to our lowest points, whereupon we come to the conclusion that we need to grow, evolve or change.

When Neptune turns direct it is time to implement the needed changes that the retrograde has brought to light. For most, this is a time of clarity - we create and receive less drama, are more aware of deceptions and manipulations, and even can recognize and break our negative and codependent tendencies.
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