Monday, October 11, 2010

Turn Over A New Leaf

Have you been dealing with some recent blows? Some of us are experiencing some hard lessons thanks to disciplinarian Saturn and the sun. Thanks to the new moon in Libra, however, we have the chance to set new intentions and goals. Experience a clean slate. Turn over a new leaf. When it comes to getting what you want, put the gloves on and get down and dirty. The new moon in Libra indicates we're all getting a fresh start now! Take a look below to see what area of your life needs attention.

Aries- Turn your attention to your partnerships, Aries. This could be in work or love. If you've recently hit a rough patch in the love department, this is your chance to make a positive change. Set your intentions to the Universe.

Taurus- Bulls need to keep an eye on their health now. If you've been neglecting your body with alcohol or sweets, start making a change. Try a detox along with some daily yoga.

Gemini- A new romance could come with a few obstacles. You may need to make some sacrifices to make it work. Your natural ability to communicate may be key in getting what you want. Don't ever be afraid to speak your truths.

Cancer- Crabs could very well be in a new home now. The domestic scene is upfront and center thanks to the new moon. With Saturn's presence you will learn some lessons. You and your sweetie could be buying your first home or making some home improvements. Keep your patience and be diligent during the process.

Leo- Leo writers could make a breakthrough now thanks to the new moon, but Saturn could slow things down for you. If you're working on a writing project, don't give up. You're half way there.

Virgo- Force yourself to get control of your finances. There could be some hard financial lessons for you now if you're not prepared. Kick those bad budget habits and get a clean financial start now.

Libra-You're determined to get what you want and you'll have the confidence to make some leaps and bounds now, however, Saturn could easily throw some curveballs at you along the way. Don't give up, however. That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Scorpio- Working behind the scenes could get you far now. When challenges pop up, you'll grow and come out stronger for it. Turn to your inner guidance to help find your way.

Sag- Issues could pop up around a friend. Perhaps you're wanting to break a friendship up all together or try to patch things up. Use the new moon to start fresh in your social network.

Cap- Everyone in your industry could be buzzing your name with this new moon. You could easily receive a new opportunity at work that leads you to a path of success. No need to fear, Saturn could provide you with someone wise to help you on your journey.

Aqua- Foreign dealings could prove to be a success for you now. If you're looking to get ahead in business or love, look overseas! Some should also prove to make great headway now with a new broadcast or publication.

Pisces- This is a stellar time for you and your sweetie to go over those credit card statements. While you're at it, make a date with the tax man, too. Getting those financial ducks in a row will lead you to newfound freedom.

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