Wednesday, October 20, 2010

If You Think It…

“If you build it, they will come.” Little did I know back in the 80’s when I watched that film how relevant the phrase would be in my professional career. The concept of “manifestation” is becoming a conversational norm with entrepreneurs thanks to books and films like The Secret and What The Bleep Do We Know as well as iconic motivators like Tony Robbins. So what does this all mean? How do we manifest our wildest dreams?

The key message in quantum physics is this: thoughts materialize into reality. Now as a right-brain creative thinker, normally anything in the left-brain department leaves me a bit frazzled. But this concept has allowed me to achieve things in my life that had once seemed to be utterly impossible. So what is the key to all this? The idea is that anything we think and focus on has the possibility to become real. But if that’s the case wouldn’t we all be rich, healthy and in love?

The truth is, everyone has the ability to be a creator – we are all doing it every minute of every day. What happens is that most people are stuck in their habitual thought process, having the same thoughts over and over. It’s all about how each individual defines themselves in their mind – be it positive or negative, our convictions will manifest our reality.

Doubt is the decision NOT to participate! That is my daily mantra. Every day I am faced with situations and challenges that push me into the fear and doubt of not becoming a success and every time I make a conscious decision on how I’m going to take control over my destiny. How do I do this? Well truthfully, the more I see the results, the more I believe in my ability to live like a creator. I’ve been in situations where there was no possible way I was going to get what I wanted, where everyone around me was telling me to give up, but in the end I always prevail.

We will always be faced with two options in any challenge. The first one is to act from a doubtful perspective: “It wasn’t meant to be,” “I tried,” “I’m not sure,” “I can’t” etc. These thought patterns are challenges from our alter ego and can essentially lead to failure. The second option, with a strong foundation of belief, will attract the results that everyone dreams about. It’s participating in the Law of Attraction and changing your mental state. Basically it means, act the roll and that reality will reveal itself.

For some people this gift is very easy. We can see it in people like Donald Trump – he’s been bankrupt so many times over and still manages to be a BILLIONAIRE!! For some people it takes a lifetime just to get to a million! So how does he do that? Well, no matter what his situation is in life, in his mind he is always a billionaire and because of that money is just magnetically drawn to him.

We can all be like “The Donald, not only with money but in our personal lives as well. Just take a minute to digest this concept; all it takes is a thought, one thought, and a whole life can change. Whichever path we choose will ultimately be the path that manifests. My choice is to go forth without a doubt, and to believe that the world is indeed at my fingertips and true abundance is how I create it to be.

Sari Gabbay is the Founder of U2R1 Media Inc. a multi media & marketing boutique corporation. The focus of the company is to bring dreams into reality by transforming people’s businesses into successes. To find out more about U2R1 Media please visit

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