Sunday, September 27, 2009

Memoirs of Rivien - Chapter I

I'm trying my hand at writing, and am busy writing the story of the adventures I partook in, in a Dungeons and Dragons game. It is written through the eyes of my character.

Here is the first chapter, please let me know what you think...

Chapter I
I was busy having breakfast in the Weeping Oak, reminiscing about our latest adventures when a smallish squire walked up to me.

“Lady Rivien, I have a note for you.” and handed me a piece of parchment.
“Thank you.” I smiled at him. “But if I may inquire, who sent the note?”
“Lord Darius” he replied.

I tipped him a copper piece and he quickly ran off. With a thumping heart I slowly opened it. It was a detailed map with directions on it and a time, seven that evening.
Wondering what this could mean, I paid my bill and went up to my room.

On the bed, the most beautiful evening gown lay spread out. It was an azure silk confection with dark blue chiffon over it that shimmered to black as it moved in my hands. A corset of the same hue accompanied it. It had rhinestones sewn into the trimming and the bodice which enhanced its beauty. A small note caught my eye. As I opened it, two words were written on it:

I decided that I had to bath before I could slip into the fancy gown. I almost ran to the bathhouse. Giddily, I added bath oils to the warm water and slowly lowered myself in. A couple of women appeared and attempted to start wash my hair.

“What are you doing?!”
“Shush deary, we have been sent to help you get ready!”
“By whom?!”
“Now, now. Not to worry. A very handsome young man has requested this for you.” She sighed. ”I wish I had such a handsome lad who spoiled me rotten…”

I relaxed and gave in to their capable hands and started daydreaming about the evening’s events.
The ladies gave me a manicure, pedicure and did my hair very fancy up. Skilfully they applied make-up to my face and then helped me into the evening gown and fastened the corset very, very tight.

As it was nearing seven, I gracefully descended the stairs. In the inn below, a few of my fellow adventurers were enjoying dinner. Thomas’ and Sway’s chins dropped as they saw me. They almost didn’t recognize me. Both of them walked over.
“You look really beautiful, milady.” Sway said in awe. Thomas, the bard also complimented my exquisiteness, saying, “A rose by any other name, could not compare to you tonight”
With a thank you and a big smile I went out and started to follow the map. It led me to the magnificent Temple of Helm. I went in and ascended a staircase. A few steps up I noticed red rose petals strewn in a trail leading up. As I climbed the last step and looked up, I stopped dead in my tracks. The whole floor was covered in red and pink rose petals! Fairy lights softly illuminated the scene. The sight that met my eyes included a magnificent view of the sun disappearing behind the mountains. In the far corner, partly hidden by shadows, a tall handsome figure stood with his back to me. My heart leapt as I realized it was Darius. He had donned his full ceremonial clerical vestments and looked more dashing than ever. Darius slowly turned around and smiled. My knees felt like jelly. He moved towards me and elegantly complimented me as he gave me a hundred red roses. Speechless, I could only blush. I was led to the table and he helped me getting seated. Both of us were a little uncertain of what to do in this awkward situation. As we were sipping wine and idly chatting, waiters came in, bearing wine and a great delicacy. It was mushrooms, crumbed, with a delicate aroma; we both enjoyed it very much. We slowly completed a five- course meal, chatting and laughing and having a marvelous time.

After dinner he helped me out of my chair like a true gentleman and gave me his arm as we descended the stairs. Outside the temple a pristine white carriage, trimmed in ebony was awaiting me. Four temple guards in full armor were waiting with it, to escort me home. As he helped me into the carriage, Darius slowly lowered his head, closer to mine. I raised mine in anticipation. Just as our lips would have met, he quickly and naturally turned his head and planted a soft kiss on my cheek. He then withdrew and closed the door. As the carriage started moving I quickly looked back through the window and just saw his cloak fluttering in the wind as he was disappearing back into the temple. I sank back into the velvety seat of the carriage and sighed. Lost in thought, I listened to the rhythm of the horse’s hooves. They stopped a while later in front of the Inn. The temple guards gently helped me out as if I were royalty. I felt like a princess! They bowed to me, and I curtsied back. As I entered the Inn, I didn’t notice my fellow party member’s stunned faces. Dreamily I floated up the stairs to my room.

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