Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ready... set.... go!!

Jupiter the planet of luck, grace, favor and fortune has been retrograde since June 15. We may have all felt that our forward momentum had slowed down or even stalled. We may all have experienced a tightening of our wallets as well, since Jupiter brings wealth, abundance, and optimism. Our successes, accomplishments and prosperity are also all within the realm of the grace this large planet bestows upon us. So if you’ve felt a bit thwarted since June, you will start to see more forward movement happening when Jupiter turns direct on October 12-13 -- giving us all a green light. Venus’ entrance into social Libra on October 14 and Mars’ transit into fun Leo on October 16 adds stimulus for us to move ahead at full speed!

Jupiter governs our ideals, our sense of purpose, and basically that which brings us happiness. It also determines how challenging our life journey will be, and the attitude that we have towards life, depending on which house Jupiter occupies in the natal chart.

Enlist the energies of your progressed chart to understand where to focus your energies for maximum return. The continual movement of the planets through your life affects the events that shape your future. A progressed chart locates the signs, the aspects and the house positions for each of the planets for any given year and tells you how long they will remain in those positions. These changes show you when to act on the potential revealed by your natal chart and when to embrace growth in your life. Awareness of your progressed chart helps you to make informed decisions about every aspect of your life.

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